Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too!


I help you lose weight and keep it off, I help you get back into physical shape and feel strong, I help you feel amazing in your own skin, raise your self esteem, figure out how the heck to eat right in a world full of crap and evil marketing, and I will also help you overcome all the of the mental blocks and barriers that have kept you from reaching your goals!!!

I have a lot of first-hand experience and knowledge of the current mental health, fitness and wellness world. I am constantly attending training, classes, trying the newest products, making new foods, and experimenting with trends (old and new).

So my first job as a coach is to educate my clients. I met them where they are in life and we go from there…if they already have a vast knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and wellness then we work on applying techniques and helpful products to their lives, if they have zero knowledge, then we start from the ground and work our way up! I will make recommendations based on lifestyle, budget, weight loss, medical history, goals, etc. We will cover all the based so you have no room for failure!

I have coached people on everything from portion control, nutrition to get fight hypothyroid, motivation, fitness for after baby, how to make a health journey mesh with finances, healing emotional scars from the past that have led to weight issues and low self-esteem and MORE! I even own my own fitness facility in Greenville, NC where I help hundreds of people a year get into shape, learn to eat right and change their mind set about health!

I coach through a variety of outlets: face to face for my local folks, facetime, facebook groups, zoom calls, text, phone calls, email…you name it, I have made it work!

What I’ve learned is that one on one coaching and joining a community of like-minded people on the same journey is the MOST successful way to lose weight and get healthy- and stay that way. PERIOD. There is no comparison.

My job is to give you the tools, the information, the kick in the butt, the inspiration, the words of encouragement and the plan to make it happen- and I will give you all of that!