Wellness Wheel


My coaching style is based on the following quote: “If you don’t transform yourself from the inside, all change is for not, or all change is temporary.” –Brendan Burchard, author of Motivation Manifesto

Everything I do is based on finding balance (or as I like to say “counter-balance”) in your world of wellness. As human beings, we are made up of hundreds of thousands of experiences, emotions, successes, and failures that have led us to the place we are currently. And at this point, you are probably living a juggling act of these aspects of your life. Trying to keep all of them in a healthy state is hard and sometimes we let one, or two or more go completely and then things get really out of whack.

And that’s where I come in! I will help you identify what areas are lacking and we’ll work on ways to get them back to good. I contract with doctors, therapists and other professionals who will make appearances in our groups or one to one sessions to answer questions and give guidance as well. I also have my clients who have been really successful come in and give testimonies about what has and hasn’t worked for them!

My clients are required to read personal development books (or listen to audio for you non-readers) such as You are a Badass, Food: the Good Girls Drug, The One Thing, and MORE!

Cause let’s face it- losing weight and fitting into those skinny jeans isn’t going to actually “fix” much in your life- so typically folks who only focus on that one aspect of wellness, tend to gain the weight back at some point.

That is the last thing I want so we do ALL THE THINGS to get ALL THE RESULTS!