What is Beachbody?
A world-renowned fitness and nutrition company that offers EVERYTHING you need to fall in love with exercise, learn how to fuel your body with the right foods (and love them) and how to stay successful with these things for the rest of your life! AND for a crazy good price, I might add.

Why do I love Beachbody?
I could write a page on this, but simply put, it’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s fun, and it’s EASY (yes I meant to put that twice)! At home fitness with a calendar to tell you exactly what to do each day; a nutrition plan that goes along with that fitness program and tells you how many of what to eat and gives you containers to measure it in; a crazy great tasting/super food/dense nutrition meal replacement shake that will kill cravings, keep you from having to cook a meal and help you lose weight faster; AND 30 days of accountability with your coach (yours truly) through an online group of peers in the same boat as you! I MEAN, COULD YOU GET MORE??? Well, you actually can. They have tons of great stuff, and I outlined some of the best below:

Top 10 Beachbody products (as voted by Carissa) in no particular order:

Shakeology: This product has changed my life! This shake can be used as a meal replacement, snack, immunity booster, it can even be made into delicious healthy dessert options! It’s a superfood, dense nutrition miracle in a glass- I have been drinking one daily for 2 years and I will never stop! There is a flavor for everyone, and most flavors come in vegan options as well.

Annual All-Access: For a one-time payment you can access EVERY SINGLE fitness program (including meal plans and recipes) that Beachbody has to offer- even the new releases when they come out!!! This deal is such a no-brainer to me if you are looking to increase your fitness level in the comfort of your own home! No driving, no parking, no daycare for the kids, no wandering around wondering what to do…Beachbody gives you EVERYTHING you need in one place! Access the workouts via smart TV, computer, phone or tablet and get moving!

3 Day Refresh: This is one of my favorite products from Beachbody. This little package can undo weeks or months worth of eating poorly, overeating, indulging, bloat, and yuck in just 3 days! No starving, no complicated menus or ingredients, just good clean food, simple cleansing drinks that are easy to mix and amazing results to share at the end! I do a refresh almost every month to kick start any new fitness program I’m starting and also to help get me back on track after a vacation or a few days of indulging! Weight loss, bloating, fatigue, sugar cravings – GONE. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! 

Challenge packs: 30 days of fitness+simple step by step nutrition+support= SUCCESS!!! Beachbody has really nailed the perfect formula for success with their challenge packs. I have always been a firm believer in combing the right nutrition with the right fitness for results…but when you add the secret ingredient of a support community full of people doing the same thing??? The results go through the roof! I’m talking 60% more success rate for those who are a part of a healthy community than everyone else. Pick your workout (I can help), pick your shake flavor (I can help with that too) and blow your own mind in the next 30 days!

Clean Week: Not sure you are ready to commit to 60 days? Or even 30 yet? No worries, Beachbody has you covered with it’s newest fitness and nutrition program Clean Week. It’s just a 7-day commitment to drinking Shakeology, exercising and following a simple meal plan. Lose 3-7 pounds, feel amazing and empower yourself with this great jump start into a new you!

Shakeology Boosts: As if Shakeology isn’t great enough…Beachbody has created 3 amazing supplements that can be added, taste-free to increase benefits where you need them! There are Power Greens: a full serving of veggies in a convenient little scoop; Digestive Health: over half the daily recommendation of fiber (soluble AND insoluble) in a scoop; and Focused Energy (my fave): a quick pick me up without compromising your health! Packed with natural caffeine with no sugar and chemicals those other energy drinks are loaded with.

Portion Fix Container System: I HATE counting calories. So when I started using the Beachbody portion fix container system I was in heaven. No more counting calories, no more weighing food, guessing portions and no more overeating without realizing it! These containers are the easiest way to portion out exactly how much you should eat for each meal and they are sized to deliver just the right amount of food to get you results!

Energize: This is my go-to pre-workout supplement and is hands down the best one I’ve ever used. One scoop mixed with water, drink it before your workout and BAM! Lots more energy and focus to power through even the toughest workouts. No side effects, no-nonsense. Just a great product to help you get the most out of your workout! 

Hydrate: Typical sports drinks are full of sugar and a ton of artificial yuck that no one needs to put in their bodies when they are trying to be healthier. Am I right? Enter Hydrate…it’s going to give you the perfect combo of carbohydrates, electrolyte, and water to quickly replace what’s lost while working out. Which means a better, longer workout for you!

Recover: This stuff is amazing. One thing that I really struggle with when starting a new fitness program is the crazy soreness that can come with it. Sometimes my muscles get so sore, I will miss days of my program just to recover! So now, after every intense workout, I mix a scoop of Recover with some water, shake it up and drink it down! With its muscle recovery super formula, I am guaranteed to not be as sore the next day and my program calendar can stay on track and my results on point.

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