Success Stories


My Personal Success Story & Statement


With my second pregnancy, I gained 60lbs! Compared to the 19 I gained with my first, I was totally overwhelmed and defeated trying to lose it after I gave birth. Then I found WBC and Beachbody…I lost 60+ pounds in 6 months and never fell off the wagon, felt hungry, felt like I was “dieting” or any of that! I will NEVER recommend or sell anything on my website that I haven’t personally used and had results with. And I will personally NEVER use anything with dangerous ingredients, questionable tactics or short-term results! That’s my testimony and promise to you!

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Reviews from Real Users!

“I believe in this program. After the two-day binge eating my weight was 261.7 lbs. with a blood pressure of 132 over 75 and blood sugar of 147. After ten days on the program, my weight was 248.6 lbs with blood pressure of107 over 53. My blood sugar was at 102. This was remarkable as my weight had been in the 255-264 range for the previous 5 months and my average blood pressure was 140/79. More remarkably, my average blood sugar level was near 165. The program is easy to follow and for the time I have been on it, I am not feeling any hunger pains.”

-John L. Cammack, Attorney At Law, Stockton CA

“I am very happy 30 p. less for 60 days !!! I have used your product before and lost 66 pounds and kept off after stopping for 8 months now! I am starting again to lose the other 35 pounds to reach my goal! I love this product and it has changed my life! I was wondering why you don’t have a location in Minnesota and I wanted to know if you were looking for people to promote and sell this product!! I have never considered selling anything before but this one I would because it works and I am living proof!! Thank you for selling it and I am a believer for life!!”

– Andrea 

“I just finished up my 60 day supply and am amazed. I’ve tried lots of diets and nothing really worked, until now. I’ve lost 68 lbs, 4 pants sizes, 2 shirt sizes and am within 4 lbs of my goal. I might be able to fit in an airplane seat again. People have noticed the “new me” and the praises are mind-blowing. I have been telling everyone I know about this system and have shown them living proof that works. Thanks for making a believer out of me.

-Jim, Fargo


I have to admit, I am a little obsessed with my clients. I take their goals, their successes and challenges personally and when they win, I WIN! When you become my client, you become a part of my tribe. My knowledge, education, and experience, coupled with your experience and self-awareness makes for an unstoppable force- that gets results

Being a health and wellness coach isn’t always sunshine and rainbows- it’s a lot of hard work, but the happy messages, grateful tears, thank you’s and testimonies like these, make it all worth it!